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Poster Session

Poster Pitching Slides

Patricia Adame et al.: Litter carbon stock variability in the Spanish forest types

Vicent Calatayud et al.: Current ambient and elevated ozone effects on poplar: a global meta-analysis and response relationships

Goran Češljar et al.: Trends of average tree defoliation on sample plots Level I in Serbia

Albert Ciceu et al.: Crown defoliation effect on tree growth rates recorded at the Romanian Level II plots

Alexandru - Liviu Ciuvat et al.: Influence of climatic changes on the foliar nutrition of the main forest species found in ICP Level II core plots in Romania

Nicholas Clarke et al.: One size does not fit all: climate, N deposition and management of forest biomass removal in Norway

Andrea Cutini et al.: Shaping future forestry for sustainable coppices in southern Europe: the contribution of LIFE FutureForCoppiceS project

Héctor García-Gómez et al.: Eutrophication risk of European forests: a first approximation using empirical critical loads and atmospheric chemical models

Morten Ingerslev et al.: Time trends in nitrogen, and sulfur throughfall fluxes and soil solution concentrations

Ionuț Iosifescu Enescu et al.: The conceptual framework of the WSL environmental data portal EnviDat

Hubert Jochheim et al.: Quantification of soil respiration and vertical partitioning of soil CO2 production in a beech and a pine forest stand in the Northeast German Lowland

Vita Kreslina et al.: Changes in vascular plant communities in the third to fifth year in an experimental tree trial on arable land

Dagnija Lazdina et al.: Development of reforested stand on former peat mining area - a case study

Katrin Meusburger et al.: Trends in dissolved organic carbon in soil solution at Swiss Level II plots

Panagiotis Michopoulos et al.: Nutrients in litterfall and forest floor in two adjacent forest ecosystems in the area of the mountain Ossa in northeastern Greece

Radek Novotný et al.: Trends in tree nutrition within the ICP Forests Level II plots in the Czech Republic

Heike Puhlmann et al.: Critical nitrogen loads for N sensitive forest communities

Hiroyuki Sase et al.: Multi-isotopic approach for monitoring on atmospheric deposition in forests in Japan

Patrick Schleppi et al.: Nitrate leaching and soil acidification in a long-term N-addition experiment to a sub-alpine forested catchment on Gleysol

Inga Straupe et al.: The assessment of anthropogenic air pollution in urban ecosystem using lichenoindication and snow samplings

Liisa Ukonmaanaho et al.: Concentrations of heavy metals in litterfall and soil in boreal forest

Lena Wohlgemuth et al.: Approach for a comprehensive assessment of the Hg pool in foliage across Europe

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